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Moving with us is designed to make your life easier. You can count on us to guide you through the entire process, door to door.

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RMA Van service is different from the rest

        RMA VAN is not one of those typical removals services without a proper commitment to the job. We are an honest service, true to the ethics of delivering a perfect execution of the job at hand. Be it any kind of work, house removals or office moving job, we are always ready with the assurance of best. We have the manpower, the logistics, and the willingness to make it best. Any kind of removals job is done by us, no matter how complex or minimal. Simply let us know, and we will be there to help you out.

Our service mission

     As always, our service mission remains to be of the most helpful to stressed-out homeowners. We understand that there’s a lot going on in your life. Moving from the house always entails starting a fresh chapter in your life. It may not be pleasant!

    Reasons for house removal can be anything, ranging from domestic disputes to eviction notices. Of course, it can also mean moving up the social ladder. Whatever be the reason, RMA van commits to providing a service with the least disruption. We move swiftly, are skilled at our job, do not intrude into private affairs, and uphold our mission of being the best.

Local and international moving jobs

We can handle both local and international moving jobs deftly. Our services are available anywhere in London. Our skilled drivers keep track of the traffic situation in real-time via GPS to take the shortest possible routes. As for international moving, things tend to be quite elaborate.

We will arrange the necessary licensing and permits to get your things via flight cargo, in the ship hold, or via the rail route. Furthermore, if you need temporary storage options in your destination, we can arrange that too.

Being a member service of the BAR (British Association of Removers), we have access to a worldwide network of credible moving services. The rates are kept extremely competitive. We remain sincere in the safeguarding of your things in transit, no matter how near or far you want them to be.

In local removals jobs, the men from the RMA van will wait until you have unpacked all your things and checked whether they are intact. Only after the homeowner gives us the green signal, we consider our job completed properly.

Even with same-day removals hobs, we make sure that the vans roll out after scheduled maintenance. This ensures that there are no risks of mid-way breakdown whatsoever.

Same-day removals provided

    RMA van also provides same-day removals work. In our experience, we have seen that such jobs always have the signature of urgent distress. We want to help you out, anytime, and so our services are available on weekends and beyond regular hours. Call us up and describe your requirements. We will be there at the earliest.

    We try to provide the initial quote based on your job description over the phone or email. The exact quote can be provided only after we reach your place and assess the situation first-hand. Same-day circumstances may involve urgent removals due to a fire incident or flooding. Sometimes, it may be due to the eviction notice pasted on your doors in the morning.

    Also, domestic fallouts can lead to one of the partners moving out of the house for good. In any case, we focus on our job, maintain a respectable professional distance, and complete the job quickly. You should let us know if you want some of your furniture pieces resold. We will arrange a fair price and adjust the same with the quote.

Our business vision

   The business vision of RMA van services is to be established as the moving service providers that you will gladly recommend anywhere. We maintain impeccable professional integrity and offer the assurance of complete safekeeping of your belongings. Our men are included in the team only after a thorough background check. Besides, all new people must work under supervision before they are allowed bigger responsibilities.

   Even then, if we receive a valid complaint, we do not hesitate to show the door to the culprit. Also, we have the most reliable hands behind the wheels. Our vans won’t ram into other vehicles or your boundary walls and reach safely to the destination.